Free wordpress hosting and cheap vps server

we are offering free wordpress hosting and cheap vps

Free WordPress hosting of Hostewp has no hidden cost. Also, we have cheap VPS servers available to everyone. So, you can start for free and upgrade anytime.

Hostewp is also offering cheap VPS servers. Also, you will get several content management systems available to run your new website.

It is easy to create a website with Hostewp free WordPress hosting and domain service. That is because our platform offers easy to use tools for you. Besides, we are offering free WordPress hosting and domain.

Hostewp is an advanced hosting company. Therefore, our free hosting plans are for beginners, students and professionals including all range. Also, our customers always feel care and devotion from us.

We offer the best web hosting for small business and have a great support team for that. You will experience amazingly fast support from us. The support staff is always ready to answer you. Then they will have a solution for you.

Our web hosting plans are completely risk-free. So, you will get 30 days money-back guarantee without any question. Again, we always work round the clock. In other words, our technical team is consequently working with uptime.

Hostewp is offering cloud services. So, you can choose any of our packages as per your need. Then you can upgrade anytime you want. Moreover, shared hosting is a perfect match for a personal blog. Also, it is the perfect match for a personal website.

On the other hand, semi-dedicated hosting is for heavy websites. Therefore, it has lots of resources available to our clients. Finally, virtual private servers are for our power users. As a result, you will have a custom setup for that.

You will be able to create your website, blog and shopping cart as per your business. Moreover, we have several cms platforms for your blog. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the top content managers of Hostewp platform. Also, there are several other content management systems available.

Free WordPress hosting without hidden cost

1 GB disk space is perfect for small websites. Also, it is perfect for new projects. You can host one domain. In other words, it is an opportunity to host your free website domain. Furthermore, you can buy a new domain and host it for free. Next, you can create a business email address. It is a professional way to correspond with your users.

We are offering five GB traffic bandwidth for you. That means you do not need to worry until your visitors generate more than five GB traffic bandwidth. Consequently, our amazing support team will assist you with all your queries.

One GB disk space with five GB traffic bandwidth is available for one domain. Again, there is no fee to pay for this specific quantity of service. This opportunity is for a free domain lifetime. In other words, you will get free domains for life with our premium packages.

You will also get .org free domain with our premium packages. We are trying to provide maximum network uptime as per our capacity. To sum up, this solution includes completely free WordPress hosting and domain packages for students and business owners.

You can host 100% free domains with our premium service. On the other hand, shared hosting is a multi-domain supported and works the best. It will not cost you anything additional to host more than one free domain name and hosting. Furthermore, discounts are always available on student web hosting.

We have our no ads policy. So, you will never get any of our ads on your website. Also, we have our own in-house built a one-click installer for you.

Content management with website builder

We allow you to host your domain with three sub-domains. Server management facilities are available for you with a free domain name and hosting for life. Also, you will have complete control over WHOIS.

Domain lock control is available with our service. EPR key control is another feature of this specific section. Besides, you will get FTP account for all kind of upload. A web-based file manager is available with an advance level control panel of Hostewp.

There are several features available to you. You do not need to pay any activation fee on top. Also, there is no monthly fee or annual renewal price. Furthermore, a professional website builder is always available to you. Moreover, this amazing feature is for creating your content with easy to use website builder.

Again, the website builder is available for building your online content. It is really easy to use. Also, we have more than 40 designs available to our clients.

We are offering support for various scripts. Hostewp shared hosting plans are supporting PHP, Perl, CGI, asp and dot net. Also, it supports python and ruby. To sum up, it is completely functional.

There is a strong data backup system available for our clients. So, there is nothing to worry about losing your data. In short, our automatic data backup system is performing frequent data backups.

You are always welcome to try all features complete risk-free. That is because we are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee. Moreover, you will get a free domain name forever with a professional website builder.

There are more than 19 content management systems. Shopping carts and customer relationship management software programs are available. You need to spend five minutes to install WordPress in your account. You can also install PrestaShop and start building your content.

Free WordPress Hosting And Domain With Control Panel

Hostewp provides free WordPress hosting with control panel for a lifetime. Moreover, our packages are unlimited. Also, you will find all the necessary tools. In other words, it is a complete solution for bloggers.

One-click installation service makes it easy to install everything. Litespeed cache service is available with our server. Cached pages load super fast for this reason. Also, it is a good sign for search engines. Furthermore, no one likes to stay on a website that takes a long time to load.

We strongly believe that we are offering the most reasonable market price. On the other hand, we are providing the most reliable packages. We are providing free domain names with our packages.

We always offer our users with a complete solution package. Therefore, we are offering a free WordPress installation service to our users. You can install that for your website content. We also develop fresh WordPress themes. So, you can use them completely for free. Furthermore, you will obtain more professional themes from WordPress official website.

More details on free WordPress hosting service

You are always welcome to use our free hosting service. It is completely for free. Furthermore, there is no hidden cost. Also, we will not show any advertisement on your website. In other words, it is completely ad-free service.

WordPress is built-in with our one-click install system. Even, it is available with our free packages. Moreover, there are several other content management systems available. The list is including Joomla and WordPress.

You may either purchase a domain or obtain a free domain from Hostewp. However, you will be obtaining sub-domains only. Besides, you are welcome to transfer your existing domain to us.

You may try our features using WordPress cms. Therefore, we have a limitation of one GB disk space for a lifetime. Also, you will get five GB traffic bandwidth limit. Therefore, you do not need to worry about bandwidth traffic limit until you reach five GB.

Finally, our advice for you is to start with free hosting package. Then install WordPress cms right after that. So, you can check our features. Then you can upgrade to premium. Furthermore, there is no limitation on our premium packages. Again, there is no hidden charge, but the only package price.

Your demand is our priority. Therefore, we pay close attention to your purchasing power. That is why we are providing packages without any cost. Then you can upgrade whenever you want. Moreover, WordPress cms is always free with all plans.

We strongly believe, we charge less than present market price. In other words, WordPress hosting providers are charging higher than us. Also, we are offering the most reliable services to you.

Furthermore, we always compare the market price to our price. Consequently, we are developing our system to serve you the best with WordPress CMS and other content management systems.

Virtual Private Server From Hostewp

Virtual private server is for increasing your web hosting facility. In other words, you will get more space for your files. On the other hand, you will be able to host more files.

This system mainly works for companies that need lots of space. So, they can host their large videos and other content. In short, it is a dedicate server and less users are using it. So, everyone is getting more facilities compared to share and free hosting.

There are three packages available. First, you can start with the starter package. So, you will get 25 GB raid protection storage. Also, you will get two TB traffic bandwidth allowance. So, you can host unlimited domains.

Port speed is fifty megabits per second. You must try the management panel. It is an easy virtual private server. Finally, you will get one GB ram with a dedicated internet protocol address. This entire package will cost you only ten bucks.

We are also offering two additional packages. One of them is pro-VPS and the next one is advanced VPS. Pro VPS price is twenty bucks and advanced VPS price is forty bucks. The idea is to get two times more facility on the pro package. Also, you will get four times more facility in advanced VPS package.

You will have access to the main root directory. Then you may choose from our stable packages. We are also offering additional features. Additional traffic, HDD space and internet protocol address are some of them. Also, you can request for additional CPU and RAM.

SSL is a requirement nowadays. Therefore, we are offering complete LETS EN Script Support. Besides, you will get MySQL and MariaDB support. PHP5 and PHP7 are also available with free hosting.

What is free WordPress hosting and domain?

Web hosting is the space for your website to stand on the web. In other words, it is the physical content location. This service allows publishing websites.

Also, it makes your content visible to your audience. So, you will acquire more sales and maximize your business online. In short, you need web hosting to find your products and services online.

On the other hand, the domain name is your online preference. Again, people will write that in web browsers to access your website. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for a short and sweet domain name preference for your business website. Please consider checking our Terms and Conditions.

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You will be able to install your favorite content management including wordpress with just few clicks. Softaculous is always available for that. So, you do not need to worry about technical things while installing your favorite cms for your website content.

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No setup charge on our startup package

Most of the companies are charging for setting up their services. However, hostewp do not charge a single buck for setup. Moreover, we are offering one click installation service. Also, this installation service is completely for free.

Try before upgrading and take advantage

First of all, you do not need to spend any money. You can always register with our hosting service completely for free. However, if you need the features in large quantity, then you can order premium packages.