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cms made simple admin interface

Cms made simple is an open-source content management system. They are using General Public License. It offers web-based development admin area for users. Developers and programmers are always taking advantage of that. Also, website owners are getting the same advantages from this simple cms. Editors love this interface for their professional website content.

It is a similar platform like concrete5 cms. Now the question is, why to use cms made simple platform? Simple answer is for their user-friendly interface. In other words, the user interface system of them is highly expandable. So, you will have your design freedom using this platform. This open-source visual content composr has powerful addons for their users.

PHP and MySQL are the main components of cms made simple. So, it is easy to manage even if you are a newcomer. Also, they have demo available. Adding news items is easy with their platform. Also, you can change the text and images on your website content. Moreover, you do not need to have HTML knowledge for any of the edits.

They have WYSIWYG page editor interface with their admin area. So, you can write whatever you can say. In other words, you will get complete writing power in your fingertips. Cms made simple will allow you to create your website content easily. Also, you will be able to manage them as per your need.

Like, if you can write an email, then you can write on cms made simple platform. It is that much easy for their users. Again, you do not need to know any sort of technical kinds of stuff for running your website content. Another great feature is their group based permission system. In other words, your administrator can create and manage user permissions. To sum up, each group will have freedom.

How to upgrade cms made simple

First you all, you have to download the version that you want to upgrade. Also, consider creating a new backup of this simple cms. You have to include the files and database in your backup. Then make sure that your config dot PHP file is writable. Furthermore, it needs to be in CHMOD to 644 format. Finally, you may download the latest version of this cms made simple.

Next, we have to upload the installer file. Location needs to be your website root. Then unzip or extract your download folder. However, if you can’t do this process in your hosting server area, then you can do the same locally in your computer. Finally, you have to upload the dot PHP file in your website root directory. Furthermore, you may use the binary option instead of ASCII while upgrading cms made simple. You may read the Read-Me Phar text file while working with the process.

Then perform the upgrade using a link like website dot com slash CMSMS hyphen 2 x dot x dot install dot PHP. Then you have to follow instructions of the installer. You can remove the read me file and the installer file once the installation is done.

This upgrade process works with almost every server. However, different servers have different systems available for the process. Therefore, you can always read the instruction file while working with the exploit. Also, you can ask help to support team of cms made simple whenever you face any issue.

Furthermore, some hosting services including Nginx and Litespeed will go for redirects during the process. This specific situation may happen while working with the Phar archives. Normally this kind of redirects happen because of PHP bugs. Therefore, the solution for that is known as expanded installer of this web platform.