What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the space for your website to stand on the web. In other words, it is the physical content location. This service allows to publish websites. Also, it makes your content visible to your audience. So, you will get more sales and maximize your business online. In short, you need web hosting to get your products and services online.

What is a website?

First of all, couple of web pages together is a website. In other words, it is a bunch of files that you want to show online. Moreover, it is a combination of html, php, css and javascript files. In short, a combination of page words, pictures and videos is a website. HTML is the essential language for every online content.

What is html?

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. Every website must need html to run on the web. However, human readers are not able to see those codes on browser. This markup language is mainly for search engines like Google. Also, it is the language that every browsers understand. Finally, this is the first language that every developer needs to know.

How much does it cost to host a website?

First of all, hosting a website with hostewp is completely free. It has one gb lifetime disk space and five gb bandwidth limit per month. However, we also have premium packages that will allow you to host unlimited domains without any limitation of space and bandwidth. There are two wp packages between £2.99 for two domains to £3.99 for unlimited domains. Moreover, the first plan offers free domain name for year and the second one offers the same for lifetime. In conclusion, we suggest you to start with free wordpress hosting. Then you can upgrade later to unlock more features.

How can I get a domain name for free?

The only way to get a free domain name is registering for any of our premium wp packages. The price is between only £1.99 to £2.99. You will get unlimited features with those packages. Also, you will get a free commercial domain name for lifetime.

web hosting definition with guide

What makes hostewp the best wordpress web hosting provider?

First of all, we are providing free web hosting with one click installation. That means, you will get everything for free before you go for a premum package. Moreover, you will get everything unlimited in our premium wp packages. So, you can get started for free. Then you may experiment all the things and compare with others. Finally, if you think we are providing fair service, then you can go for our wp packages which are paid packages. There is no additional cost on any other thing. Also, there is no hidden cost at all.

Can I create a website with free web hosting?

Creating a website is completely free. However, you need to have hosting space for your website to get started. There is no charge startup package available for you. Furthermore, there is no cost involve for building your website.

How one click install feature works?

This is the most interesting feature which is also very much effective. It will save your time for sure. You will be able to install wordpress and other content management systems in your hosting account with one click using this feature. Also, this specific feature is completely for free to use.

what is vps

VPS definition is virtual private server. It is a professional way to run large websites. Everything will be under your control with this kind of servers. We are offering packages for that also. Furthermore, it costs only ten bucks to get a vps for your business website content from Hostewp.

Which VPS web hosting is the best?

Although there are more than one packages in our site, but we suggest you to try our starter package. In this way, you will be able to experience how it works. So, you can try that for one month before you get started. However, if you do not like our vps service, we are happy to offer you money back.

How much is VPS web hosting?

Our starting VPS package price starts from only ten bucks. However, if you need more facilities, the charges will get incresed. In other words, the more features, the more cost will involve.

What does 30 day money back guarantee mean?

We are offering thirty days money back guarantee. That means, you willl get complete refund if you do not like any of our services or packages. That is a part of our policy and that is because, your satisfaction is our first priority.