This web hosting terms and conditions are circulated by Hostewp. It is powered by Attractsoft GmbH, registered in Germany, Registration No.: HRB 7963 KI.

You need to be aware that by registering an account with Hostewp, you must agree to place data on our servers. Therefore, you are allowing the data in public. Also, you must accept that, Hostewp will have the power to restrict access if applicable. Furthermore, we guarantee the security of your files.

On the other hand, you will be responsible for your data protection. Therefore, we suggest you to be careful with all the data. In short, the data you will be putting in your hosting account. Furthermore, it is our request to avoid publishing personal data. That is because, that data can be easily accessible to public. It is the best abuse protection idea.

This formality is an electronic legal document mark. So, you must understand and agree. You may register with Hostewp only after that.

Service deed between you and Hostewp

Hostewp will supply you facility beneath these terms and conditions. Also, this specific agreement is for honesty maintenance. Moreover, this agreement will enforce all the routine, authority, pace and trustworthiness. So, you will take complete advantage.

This particular contract composes the entire principle act connecting you and Hostewp. Therefore, you must agree to this agreement while registering with us. In other words, it is the most considerable deed of the established correlation.

If any invalid or void happens, then the other party will take over their validity. Your agreement side is possible to present by an individual. However, the minimum age requirement is eighteen years for that. Also, it can be a legal unit like a limited corporation or a business firm. Also, it will only consider if contains with the lawful classification of their condition.

Again, if you stand for the client, you must have to lawfully permit to take action on behalf of them. Finally, you will be eligible to continue in the midst of your execution, distribution and acknowledgement of the authorized contract.

You must understand and bound to agree that our service to you have been scheduled an “AS IS” basis. Therefore, Hostewp is not responsible for the removal and appropriateness. Also, we are not responsible for any of your failure regarding store or client communication. Furthermore, we are not also responsible for any setting of personalization. Finally, you are bound to maintain this web hosting agreement.