What is atlantis cms – multi level laravel platform

atlantis cms is multi level laravel platform

Atlantis is a multi site laravel headless cms like wordpress. This content management system is mainly for agencies. Developers really love this software. Also, marketers like this interface very much. Moreover, you will be able to bring your website to the next level with it.

First of all, you have to download the program from bit bucket. Then you may install that with composer. Current version of them is 2.0.4 and they are constantly working on it. As per their statement in their website, they have creating and updating features to simplify everything. In other words, Atlantis cms is simplifying the website building process. Furthermore, maintaining website content is also easy with this specific interface.

Visual layouts are available with Atlantis cms for agencies and marketers. Also, you will get templates for your online website content. Snappy for menu building is another feature of them. So, you will be able to edit your website in real time. Page creation is very easy with their rapid system which is codeless. Again, you can perform search over their directory.

Instant image optimization is built-in with Atlantis cms. Therefore, you will be able to make responsive website content. In short, you will be able to create mobile friendly websites with this platform. Search engine friendly tools are already integrated with their system along with free form links. Steam line version is available for controlling content author. You will get all the necessary support from actual developers of Atlantis cms.

Modules are available for developers. So, you can always extend your website content with their modules. Also, you can enrich your products with the same. It has powerful framework available for all range of users. Atlantis cms is built on top of Laravel cms. Finally, Laravel is the leading php frameworks of the world.