What is cotonti cms – Open source content manager

cotonti cms is open source content manager

Cotonti is a powerful open source content manager like wordpress cms. It is also a very much famous framework for web development and design projects. Security system of this content management system is strong. Combination of flexibility speed are the important facts of this software. So, why you will choose cotonti? Simple answer is – for the flexibility of them.

Moreover, rapid development is also another interesting fact of this software. They have lots of features available for their users. File management, user accounts, community tools and content creation are some of their features. Again, community tools of cotonti cms are out of the box solutions.

Modules and plugins are available with this content management system. Moreover, they are powering the template engine of their own. On the other hand, their template engine is powerful. Also, it is very much easy to use and learn. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert in order to learn cotonti cms.

They are offering lots of benefits for webmasters. Also, developers and designers are getting the same facilities. Furthermore, they are offering features for companies of all range. You will get the maximum features that you need for your website. Again you will get several other functionalities with their extensions.

Cotonti cms features can be in shape for custom websites. Resource consumptions are low with them. Finally, they are always active and focus on their security system. That is because, all of their codes are open source. They prefer community driven development for their platform.

Consequently you will experience their codes and API system. All of their website features are clear and straight forwarded. Therefore, nothing will limit your freedom in long run with your website. In other words, you will be able to control all your website content with cotonti cms.