What is croogo cms – Completely open source

croogo cms is completely open source

Croogo is a free open source cake cms that is built for everyone. It is built on proven technologies. PHP and MySQL are two main sources of this platform. On the other hand, cake php is the framework. However, it is mainly MVC framework that they are using. A similar content management system is livesite cms.

Another cool built-in feature of them is bootstrap of twitter. In short, croogo cms is mainly for building responsive websites. Moreover, bootstrap for responsive administration is available with their content management system. To sum up, all the features are a combination of perfect user interface. Moreover, they are working with rapid development of their software. Furthermore, they support both php 5.3 and php 5.4 versions.

You can always get involve with their community. There are mainly two communities for croogo cms. First one of them is GitHub. Second is on Google groups. GitHub community for this program is mainly for coding support purpose. So, you can join that as long as your are interested in code contribution. Also, you can get their step by step progress with this specific community.

On the other hand, Google groups community of them is for active users. So, you may join their mailing list on Google Group. However, they are also available on twitter, Google plus and IRC. All the source codes of croogo cms is always available in GitHub. Although it is open source platform, but their security priority is very high for their users.

They are having a clean interface. So, you can easily navigate everything as you need. Also, they have a separate part in their dashboard which is Content. In other words, it is easily manageable. Blocks are also available in their dashboard. Finally, extensions and media tabs of croogo cms makes interface easy.