What is directus cms and how it works for website

directus cms works for your website

Directus cms is a data first headless content management system. It is also an API that you can use for your site. Moreover, it is completely open source. They are using custom SQL database for their data management. Also, they are using a dynamic API to maintain that. Admin app is intuitive and it is for managing their content. Self host of them is complete free like anchor cms.

Directus cms is offering cloud service. So, you can start hosting your files as per your need. However, it is mainly for managing digital experiences with omni channel. It will provide you professional support. Managing multi language translations are also available in their support system. Furthermore, they are using ‘crowd in’ for that.

So, what really makes directus cms so special that I am recommending? Simple answer of this question is their freedom of innovation system. For example, you can always select the stack along with tools and libraries. Moreover, directus will allow you to get ‘one of a kind’ experience.

It is the best way to select from their options. For example, they have two options for you. First one is self hosting and second one is cloud hosting. However, you can also get a free hosting account from Hostewp. So, you can try several content management systems. Then you can make your final decision.

Directus will let you build website completely free. Moreover, they are consequently working with their headless approaches for that. So, you will get lots of apps including kiosks and wearable. Again, it is completely open source. In short, you do not need to pay a single penny to create your website. Furthermore, they will not be charging you for their premium software. To sum up, you can easily start using the features of Directus cms.