What is structured data and how to use it in head

structured data code image

Structured data is the information that you write in your theme head. So, search engines will have better understanding of your web page. In this tutorial, we will learn the proper way to write codes for that. Also, I have included an image of all the codes at the bottom of this post. Furthermore, complete tutorial lessons are also available.

First of all, please login to your cPanel and open the project folder. Then open the index page and start writing. Make sure about writing in between the head tag only. Also, do not forget to make a comment on the index page before starting with your codes.

First line of the structured data is script type. Please make sure about application slash id plus json. Then include second bracket in the next line. We will write all the information in between that.

First field is context and we will write schema dot org for that. Next one is type and we will write our content type there. For example, if yours is a blog, then you can write blog there. However, mind is a website. Therefore, I have written website there.

The final two necessary things are name and url. In other words, we will be providing name and website url information now. So, the next line will be name. You have to write your name there. So, search engines will get enough confident about you.

Finally the final step is url. So, you have to write the next line with url and type your website url there. Those are the basic information that we may include. However, we can also include other data in the same format. Another supported data is logo image data.

My next tutorial post is about how to write high quality theme header codes.