What is wordpress – General Information

wordpress cms general information

WordPress is a content management system and also known as cms. In fact, it is the most popular content management system now a days. That is because everything is dynamic in this platform. PHP and MySQL are the main two things with which it is working now a days. However, it can also run with SQLite. That is also known as a database engine. Most of the hosting companies are offering wordpress web hosting services with different packages. Also, price ranges are reasonable.

This content management system has dashing templates for their users which are really eye catching. Also, they are offering varieties of plugins. This cms is becoming more professional because of those plugins. However, it is a complete open source solution for all range of content owners including electronic commerce users. Even it is a complete solution for both website owners and blog content owners. There are many users online that are developing wp themes and uploading on their server on a regular basis. However, they only accept and publish themes that are useful for their users. They are also applying the same rule for the plugin section. You can say that, it is a large marketplace which is useful.

If you are still thinking that, what is wordpress, then I can say it is a web page making factory. An interesting fact is that, you do not need to code everything manually while building web pages there. That is because, they have built in programs in their system. All you need to do is, follow their codes and build web pages for your business. In fact, as per my research, that is the most usefulness of their system that I personally found. Moreover, they welcome every single user that is willing to maximizing their business.

How wordpress works for website owners

WordPress cms is completely free to use. In other words, it is completely open source content management system. They are using php hypertext processor and mysql database. As per the recent study, more than sixty million website owners are using this application for their content update. That means, most of the website owners are using wordpress for their content.

The main reason of this large volume usage is flexible system of this application. Also, users are able to extend their weblog using plugins from their directory. As their system is completely open source, users are always submitting new themes and plugins to their directory.

Users of this content management system are publishing more than seventy million posts. Consequently, this is the monthly average post range. I think, now you can imagine their popularity clearly. It supports more more than fifty languages now a days. Also, they are offering more than forty seven thousand active plugins.

What is this content management system used for

It is a simple content creation tool. Therefore, people use this cms for the creation of their website. Moreover, it is also possible to create a property listing real estate website using their simple interface. However, most of the users of them are using their application for weblog creation.

An interesting fact is that, you do not need to know any coding language for this cms. In other words, you will be able to create your website without any programming language. This is the main reason, most of the online users are using this interface. Their electronic commerce tools are facilities for online store of all range.

Benefits of wordpress cms for your blog

1. You do not need to have any coding skills.
2. This cms can be installed within just few clicks.
3. Everyone can use their templates for creating blog content.
4. WordPress directory themes are completely free to use.
5. Content of directory themes are search engine friendly.
6. They will allow you to create responsive mobile sites.
7. You will experience high performance for your content.
8. High security system is available for their users.
9. Media management system is very much powerful.
10. This cms is always accessible and easy to use.

WordPress features for everyone

1. This content management system is open source.
2. All the codes are built-in for their users.
3. Completely free themes that are professional.
4. Professional plugins that are easy to use.
5. This content management system is easy to use.
6. Themes are also completely free to use.
7. Available tutorials for beginners to start with.
8. Tutorials also available for web developers.
9. They are offering customizable designs for their users.
10. This content management system is search engine friendly.


There are several content management systems on the world wide web. However, wordpress is the best one among them. Most of the developers are using that. Also, it is the the first choice of editors. Moreover, it is the first choice of blog writers. I mean, blog owners are using this cms very often.

Their functions are becoming professional day by day. Lots of developers are publishing themes on wordpress directory every day. Plugins are also very professional. They also have developers that are uploading regular plugins on their website.

As per alexa, WordPress is very much popular content. Moreover, as per the rank data of alexa, wordpress is leading between the top 700th to 800th place for the last three months. In other words, their popularity is increasing day by day. In other words, they are getting more users that are using their service. Also, the number is increasing day by day.

They are only paying deep attention on one thing. That is their professional services. Moreover, everything is open source in their list. In other words, you do not need to pay anything to use their products.

They have several guide on their website. It will make you a professional developer. Again, you do not need to pay anything to learn from their page content. However, their tutorials are written in very professional way. Therefore, you need to pay close attention on each of the wordpress tutorial lines while learning. Finally, wordpress official website is offering the opportunity to create dashing websites and blogs for free.