WP nav menu coding tutorial for beginners

wp nav menu code image

WP nav menu coding shows the menus on web pages. This code shows navigation in your content. Also, users will have perfect routing experience in this way. There are several ways to modify your set of choices. However, we will be learning the easiest way in this tutorial. Also, a complete list of lessons are available on the post name wordpress theme development tutorial. So, let’s get in to the codes now.

First of all, login to your cPanel and open index page from your theme folder. Then we will be writing the code in between the head tag. Perhaps, you are thinking that, there are other codes available in index page head tag. So, where should I write new code for this navigation. Simple answer is, write down the wp nav menu items after the last section of header tag.

You may create a div first. Then you may name the div as navigation. Furthermore, the div code will be div class menu or div class top menu. Do not forget to write less than sign before starting. So, you can edit styles using style dot css file later. It is one of the professional ways to code. Also, it is known as standard coding. Also, do not forget to end the div with less than sign.

Then create the ending div in the same format. However, we need to write a slash right after the less than sign this time. Now, we will code that wp nav menu in between the divs. Finally, it is done now. However, we have to create menus from wordpress dashboard. On the other hand, you will see the menus on the top of your website.

Again, the next tutorial is how to design and code wp nav menu in style css sheet.